Microprocessor CSIT 2nd Semester Model Question 2080

Microprocessor CSIT 2nd Semester Model Question 2080

Prepare for the Microprocessor CSIT 2nd Semester exam with the latest model question solution 2080 by Tu IOST.

Tribhuvan University

Institute of Science and Technology


Bachelor Level / First Year / Second Semester ; Full Marks: 60

Computer Science and Information Technology (CSC167) ; Pass Marks: 24

(Microprocessor) Model Question 

Time: 3 hours

Candidates are required to give answers in their own words and as far as practicable.

Section A

Attempt any two questions. (2 × 10 = 20)

1. Draw logical block diagram of 8086 microprocessor and explain its segmented memory structure.

2. What is machine cycle and instruction cycle? Draw a timing diagram for STA 2000h memory instruction. (Choose any memory locations for loading STA 2000h instruction)

3. Write an assembly language program to sort an array in ascending order using 8 bit microprocessor. (Assume appropriate array data and address where minimum array size of 10 should be considered)

Section B

Attempt any eight questions. (8 × 5 = 40)

4. Draw pin diagram of 8085 microprocessor with appropriate labelling.

5. Specify the output in PORT1 after the execution of the following program. Write comments for each instruction.







6. What is DMA? Explain the sequence of events that occurs during DMA operation?

7. What is addressing mode? Explain different addressing mode in 8085 microprocessor.

8. Write a program to reverse a given a string using 16 bit microprocessor.

9. Explain memory interfacing in 8085 microprocessor along with appropriate diagram.

10. What are different operating modes in 80286 microprocessor? Explain in brief about each mode.

11. "Interrupt based I/O is efficient compared to polled I/O". Justify this statement with general working mechanism in both methods.

12. Write Short Notes (Any Two):

a) Macro Assembler

b) BSR Mode

c) System Bus


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